About Us

Invites and stationery - thats what we love, and thats what we do best. We believe paper invites and cards are unmatched in the chords they touch and the impact they have. As our lives get busier than before, we make it easy for you to order, customize and send out greetings or invites.

At 61c we understand the fine line that turns the mundane into the magical, the everyday into the extra ordinary and the common into the covetable. Our endeavour is to marry the charm of the old world with the convenience of the digital world. Today when convenience is overpowering our communication, and brevity is an excuse for poor language and grammar, we recognize the joy & attention a handwritten note receives. Our carefully curated range helps you stand out in today’s manic world and identify with an aesthetic that symbolizes who you really are.


Start your party on the right note. Use our party invitations to make a great first impression! What's more choose from our range of coordinated party decor to truly make your theme come to life.


Gilt-edged notepads for your study table, notebooks that you can carry anywhere or personalised greeting cards to show that you care – our collection of stationery is fashioned using only the highest-grade quality paper with the prettiest designs.


Keep your little ones busy with our range of do-it-yourself cards, colouring books and adorable animal bookmarks. They’ll be having so much fun, you’ll be tempted to join in yourself!